Admin Columns Pro Addon – Ninja Forms 1.3.1

Admin Columns Pro Addon - Ninja Forms

Release Date: Aug 27, 2019 | Admin Columns Pro Addon for Ninja Forms adds columns that are sortable, filterable and editable to your Ninja Forms Submissions.

Ninja Forms integration for Admin Columns improves the columns Ninja Forms already adds to the submission overview page. For every field in your form, there is already a column available in the submission screen but together with Admin Columns, these columns become much more powerful.

Quickly find form submissions by sorting or filtering on specific fields. Or if you quickly want to change the value of a submission, just simply use our inline edit feature to edit the value of a field directly from the overview.

Ninja Forms Columns

The Ninja Forms integration add-ons support all columns for the default Ninja Forms fields.

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