Ninja Forms – Multi-Part Forms 3.0.23

Ninja Forms – Multi-Part Forms

Release Date: May 24, 2018 | Ninja Forms – Multi-Part Forms easily breaks up long forms into multiple pages.


The Multi-Part Forms extension allows you to break long forms into sections, creating a natural flow for your visitors. You can add a breadcrumb trail through the various sections of the form and a progress bar so that your users know exactly where they are and how much of your form is left.

These forms are extremely easy to create and a pleasure to edit. Fields can simply be dragged from one page to another.


  • Break long forms into multiple paginated sections using a drag-n-drop interface.
  • Give each section a title and optionally display it.
  • Display a breadcrumb navigation above the form, making each section easy to access.
  • Add a progress bar to your form.
  • Easily move fields between sections.
  • Easily rearrange pages.
  • Conditionally hide and show entire form pages when used in conjunction with the Conditionals Extension.
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