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Release Date: Oct 4, 2018 | WooCommerce – Advanced Product Labels allows store owner to create product labels to increase visibility of your products, add information and increase conversion rate with just a few clicks! Create custom product labels that promote your free products, emphasise “Free Shipping” or other exclusive discounts.


Grab your customer’s attention with custom product labels!

With the Advanced Product Labels extension you can create labels easily and quickly to grab your customer’s attention. Promote your free products, emphasise “Free Shipping” or other exclusive discounts for one or a range of your products. By using the easy-to-use conditions you can target specific products in your shop to display a label.

Get The Customers Attention

By using product labels you can attract attention from the customer to the product. You probably already have a ‘sale’ or a ‘promo’ label on top of your products, that nice, but you can take it even further with this extension. Target specific groups of products with the conditions which can be set for each label.

Example usages

  • Products added less than 30 days ago
  • Products that are in sale
  • T-shirts in the summer collection 8)
  • HD films in the films category
  • Free shipping
  • 30% OFF (where 30% will be automatically calculated)

What does Advanced Product Labels do?

  • Add product labels
  • Global labels; Target multiple products at once
  • Single labels; Labels created in the product edit screen
  • Smart labels; Let the plugin fill in variable parts of a label. E.g. the percentage of discount
  • Different label types; Add different types of product labels

Extension back-end

The extension has two main interfaces, the global labels and the single labels.

Global Labels Interface

The global labels can be found under the ‘WooCommerce’ -> ‘Settings’ -> ‘Product labels’ settings tab. Here you can target products with the conditions as shown below.

Single Label Interface

The single label interface has the same settings as the global label, only these settings only go for the current product. As an extra setting, you can exclude that product from the global labels. Both label interfaces have a live preview to show you how the label is going to look like.

Conditions included

The following conditions are included by default. These conditions can be easily modified and/or extended with hooks.

  • Product
  • Product category
  • Product type
  • In sale
  • Bestsellers
  • Product age
  • Price
  • Sale price
  • Stock status
  • Stock quantity
  • Shipping class
  • Tag
  • Total sales
  • Featured product
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