WPMU DEV – User Synchronization 1.1.6

WPMU DEV – User Synchronization

Release Date: Sep 19, 2018 | WPMU DEV – User Synchronization allows you to create a Master site from which you can sync a user list with as many other sites as you like. Sync user accounts and transfer profiles across multiple WordPress installations.


User Synchronization links user profiles across multiple single WordPress installations.

Create and manage user accounts on one master list that can be used to connect with any subsite–without Multisite.

Smarter, Safer, User Management

Automated profile, password, user role and email address share and sync moves user management to one convenient location. Connect more people to more content by allowing users to register once on a master list  and use the same login credentials across any attached site.

Protect your users with bulletproof security keys. Leave sites connected for ongoing continuity or transfer users and disconnect. Use uninstall and completely wipe your database clean from any plugin artifacts.

Leverage Control and Simplicity

It takes a matter of seconds to configure, requiring only a URL and security key. Use synchronize-overwrite for an identical master list match, or support backward user password compatibility on existing sites by allowing duplicates.

You can also ban a user from a specific sub-site by blocking deleted users from repopulating when synced with the master list.

Protect identities, stay synced and save countless hours with User Synchronization. Get linked user management for transferring user accounts from a master list to all of your WordPress sites.

Powerful Feature Set

Manage more users faster

  • One user account across multiple sites
  • Manual and automated user sync
  • Instant password and profile updates on connected sites
  • Subsite list and activity manager
  • Overwrite for complete synchronicity
  • Supports backward user compatibility with duplicates
  • Ban users from repopulating when deleted
  • Secure site linking
  • User share and transfer
  • Uninstall plugin database cleanup
  • Simple configuration
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